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Portrait of author Casey Kelly Perez standing in front of mountains in Mammoth Lakes, California.

Hello! My name is Casey Kelly Perez, and I am the author, illustrator, and designer of Forest Crossing Friends children's book series. I am thrilled to finally share the first book, Tippy's Threads with everyone. I'll be launching new books every 4-6 months, so be sure to check back, or sign up for our e-mail list (link in the website footer). Share and post your kids reading and enjoying the FCF series; I can't wait and would love to see it! If you're interested in booking a reading, pop-up, or wholesale, or perhaps your kids want to hear from me, feel free to get in touch. I've also answered a few fun questions below that I'll elaborate more on in future journal posts.

How did I come up with the book series?
Last summer, after a move to Pennsylvania, I found myself rummaging through a childhood memory box. I remember how much I used to enjoy writing and illustrating books as a kid. The memory became vivid as I shuffled through piles of old-smelling paper and re-discovered several handmade books and notes that shared my desire to be an author and an illustrator when "I grew up." Well, I'm grown up now, so why not give it a shot? 

Another wonderful inspiration.
In addition, my wonderful grandmother shared a few folded up papers with me one afternoon last summer—around the same time I discovered the handmade books in my basement. Her face was filled with excitement. It was a short children's story written by my great-grandfather about woodland animals. The story was carefully written in faded typewriter ink. It was clearly a draft, because there were scribbles and notes throughout. One note really caught my attention, where he wrote "someone should publish a story about these woodland animals someday." It's almost as if my great-grandpa was pushing me to take the leap and publish the book series.

So, I've decided to make my childhood dreams a reality by way of Forest Crossing Friends—a children’s book series that shares stories, adventures, and life lessons about a crew of woodland critters finding their way in the world. You can get the first book in the series here. Or a sticker set of all the critters here. And because you're truly wonderful for reading this post, use code "NewFriend" at checkout for 10% off your first purchase. More on the critters to come in future journal posts too!

And another major inspiration behind the FCF book series (as reflected in the photo I've shared): I LOVE the woods, alpine touring skiing, mountain biking, golfing, and running.

So what do I do for my "day job"?
I am a brand designer with years of experience in art direction and advertising design for lifestyle brands, in addition to years of teaching design at the college level. Limbic Studio is my freelance brand design studio, where my work focuses on brand strategy, visual identity, UI, packaging, and painting murals sometimes too. I work directly with clients in the food/beverage, and lifestyle industry, in addition to working as a freelance designer for other studios and agencies. Follow my design work on Instagram.


  • Kelly Hanford

    I love your inspiring story!! I am so proud of you Casey!!! We can’t wait to read your books! -The Hanford Family

  • Mary

    Love hearing the story, Casey!!! So excited for you and proud of you too! What a wonderful journey!!!

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