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Life isn’t easy, and it is important to learn how to regulate our emotions and better understand human relationships as we learn and grow. Children face all sorts of dynamics in their young lives. It can be challenging to help them understand their big feelings and handle situations in ways that aren’t scary or intimidating.

Enter Forest Crossing Friends — a children’s book series about the adventures of forest critters making their way in the world. Our books and products act as a creative, fun, and approachable way to help teachers, parents, and mentors start conversations about emotions and life. The series was created to help future generations better connect with their emotions—encouraging empathy and understanding as they navigate life.


To live in a more loving and connected world.


To help 1 million kids better connect with their emotions and build empathy through reading and adventure.

Every year, more books will be added to the series, so follow along and join our e-mail list if you’re interested in launches, markets, readings, and events. Thank you for your interest and support!


About the Author & Illustrator

Casey Kelly Pérez is a brand designer with 15+ years of experience for lifestyle and outdoor brands. In 2013, she launched Limbic Studio, where her freelance work has evolved into a full time career that focuses primarily on branding, visual identity, packaging, UI, and painting murals. She loves time in the woods, skiing, mountain biking, golfing, and running.

After a move in 2021, Casey found herself rummaging through a childhood memory box. There, she found several old handmade books and notes that shared her desire to be an author and an illustrator when she grew up. 

So why not? This led Casey to explore her childhood dreams, which resulted in Forest Crossing Friends, where she writes and illustrates 3–4 books each year and plans to grow it into a children’s brand.

Learn more about Casey’s design work and career:


portrait of author and illustrator Casey Kelly Perez; she is wearing a gray sweatshirt and black beanie cap and is standing in front of a blue alpine lake

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